Our philosophy is based on the following principles:

Companies cooperate to compile a customer profile
Nowadays there is enough data out there to compile a very accurate picture of each customer's needs and preferences. Why is it not happening? On the one hand, companies are not doing a good job in data mining. On the other hand, even if they would, no company on its own can realistically build a complete picture of each customer. The trick (and our know-how) is in linking customer identities across multiple companies in such a way that benefits everyone: customers are no longer spammed with irrelevant offers, companies enjoy high marketing response rates without compromising their competitive advantage.

Customer in control of communication
Customers grow increasingly concerned about losing privacy and receiving unsolicited communication. No wonder if you consider the amount of junk mail in our mailboxes and the fact that 98% of global email traffic is spam... Customers value such concepts which give them full control over who they allow to approach them (think of the Facebook success!). Our business models are therefore built around customers' choice over their incoming communication.

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